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In Memoriam

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We note with regret the deaths of these members of our Rutgers community and extend condolences to their families, colleagues, and friends.

  • Name

    Department Position
    * Denotes Active Employee
    Date of Passing Date of Rutgers Flag Lowering
    Active Employee
    or Retiree
    Bartley, Samantha Center for Advanced Infrastructure Business Manager III, Supervisor* 06/19/2024 TBD Obituary
    Ragin, John Custodial Services Senior Custodian 06/17/2024 TBD No Details Available
    Thomas, Melissa Graduate School of Education Human Resources Manager* 06/17/2024 TBD Obituary
    Fitzgerald, Darlene Frances Student Accounting Accounting Supervisor II 06/14/2024 TBD Obituary
    Kanouse, William Henry CCMS, Database Admin. Associate Director 06/13/2024 TBD No Details Available
    Tangri, Shanti Economics Professor Emeritus 05/25/2024 TBD No Details Available
    Gregory, Zelda Paul Robeson Library Library Assistant 06/03/2024 TBD Obituary
    Illiano, Luann Disbursement Control PPL Accounting Clerk 05/24/2024 TBD Obituary
    Kedzierski, Edmund Facilties- Maintenance & Operations - Utilities Cogen Operating Technician 05/20/2024 TBD No Details Available
    Meseha, Hanna Dining Services, Neilson Dining Hall Cook C 05/18/2024 TBD Obituary
    Graham, Kerry UBHC Peer Support Specialist III* 05/10/2024 TBD Obituary
    Trabb, Harvey President's Office Executive Associate 05/09/2024 TBD Obituary
    Simon, Lee Don Genetics Professor Emeritus 05/02/2024 TBD Obituary
    Concepcion, Eddie UBHC Outpatient Services Peer Support Specialist III* 04/27/2024 TBD Obituary
    Adalist-Estrin, Ann Institute for Families Coadjutant* 04/11/2024 08/12/2024- 08/13/2024 Obituary
    Goldfarb, Dr. William SEBS-Environmental Sciences (Cook College) Professor Emeritus 04/10/2024 TBD Obituary
    Koch, Deborah SEBS - Food and Nutrition Science - West Program Coordinator II* 04/07/2024 07/29/2024- 07/30/2024 Obituary
  • Name

    Department Position
    * Denotes Active Employee
    Date of Passing Date of Rutgers Flag Lowering
    Active Employee
    or Retiree
    Evans, Dr. Robert Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Camden Associate Professor, Biology 03/30/2024 TBD No Details Available
    John, Hyacinth Administrative Computing Services Head Data Entry Machine Operator 03/29/2024 07/31/2024- 08/01/2024 Obituary
    Baranello, John Mail Services Postal Clerk 03/19/2024 TBD No Details Available
    Grasemann, Anneliese Music Faculty / Department Administrator 03/12/2024 07/24/2024- 07/25/2024 Obituary
    Simon, Willie RBHS Housekeeping 03/01/2024 n/a No Details Available
    Vetrecin, Linda NJMS-Surgery Program Coordinator* 02/29/2024 07/08/2024- 07/09/2024 Obituary
    Neese, Robert Business Office, Rutgers–Camden Director 02/25/2024 07/15/2024- 07/16/2024 Obituary
    Kuchler, Robert J. Biological Science Professor 02/24/2024 07/01/2024- 07/02/2024 Obituary
    Butala, Sweta Rutgers Health Group / Robert Wood Johnson Fee Coordination Unit Senior Medical Coder* 02/23/2024 06/26/2024- 06/27/2024 No Details Available
    Schiffman, Aaron Center for Molecular and Behavioral Science, SAS-Newark Graduate Assistant* 02/15/2024 06/19/2024- 06/20/2024 Obituary
    Shareshian, Alan OIT Enterprise Application Services, New Brunswick Application Developer III* 02/12/2024 06/12/2024- 06/13/2024 Obituary
    Bodnar, Raymond D. Center for Government Services Professor Emeritus 02/07/2024 07/10/2024- 07/11/2024 Obituary
    Cole, Perry IPO Environmental Services - New Brunswick Operations Area Manager, Supervisor* 02/05/2024 06/03/2024- 06/04/2024 Obituary
    Kwiecinski, Lucy School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Associate Director, Business Affairs 02/01/2024 06/17/2024- 06/18/2024 Obituary
    Torres De Rodriguez, Ramona IPO Environmental Services - New Brunswick Custodian - Housing* 01/31/2024 05/29/2024- 05/30/2024 Obituary
    Scardaville-Schmidt, Arlene Risk Management and Insurance, RBHS Chief Financial Officer 01/30/2024 n/a No Details Available
    Cohn, Gloria Institute for Women & Gender Studies Principal Secretary / Administrative Director 01/24/2024 06/10/2024- 06/11/2024 Obituary
    Politano, Teresa Academic Affairs Senior Program Administrator* 01/24/2024 05/20/2024- 05/21/2024 Service Information
    Dean, Jeffrey Athletics and Recreational Services Athletics Director Camden* 01/23/2024 05/13/2024- 05/14/2024 Obituary
    Thanner, Josef German Associate Professor 01/17/2024 07/17/2024- 07/18/2024 Obituary
    Belton, Beatrice Brower Commons Dining Services Worker 01/10/2024 05/22/2024- 05/23/2024 No Details Available
    Weimer, Dr. David English Professor 01/10/2024 05/15/2024- 05/16/2024 Obituary

Lowering the Rutgers Flag

As an expression of universitywide mourning, the Rutgers Flag on the Old Queen’s campus, New Brunswick, NJ, shall be flown at half-staff for a period of two days as outlined in University Policy 60.1.4: Flags at Half-Staff.

  • On the occasion of the death of:

    1. A member or emeritus member of the Board of Governors or Board of Trustees
    2. An administrative officer whose jurisdiction is universitywide
    3. A regularly employed member of the university faculty and staff
    4. A retired member of the university faculty and staff
    5. A current student or Rutgers graduate who, at the time of death, was serving as an active member of the United States Armed Forces


  • Upon the death of an employee, the employee’s family should notify their department of the death.  The following information should be provided to the OneSource Rutgers Faculty and Staff Service Center by calling 732-745-SERV (7378):

    • Name of the deceased
    • Date of Death
    • Name and address of the surviving spouse/domestic partner
    • Name of the executor and/or the individual reporting the death and the relationship to the deceased
    • Funeral arrangements